Is Mikey Kass a Scam?

Mikey Kass started his e-commerce dropshipping business at the age of 17 and made $30K in one week. He was doing this under his mother’s name, as he was still a minor. This did not impress his parents, and they called investigators and attorneys.

Mikey Kass

He now has a course called “The Ecom Good Life.” It contains a series of video lessons on how to make money with dropshipping. It also teaches Facebook advertising strategies that work well for Mikey’s stores. Visit for more details.

Mikey Kass is a YouTuber.

Mikey Kass is a young and successful dropshipping entrepreneur who started his business at the age of 17. He has made around $150K per month. He has even managed to buy a home in the Hollywood Hills. His success has made him a YouTube star and internet celebrity. He has now developed a program called Ecom Good Life, which teaches people how to make money through dropshipping. The program consists of video lessons that guide users on how to create and manage their own online stores.

Mikey’s training videos are focused on the basics of creating a profitable Shopify store. They cover everything from selecting the right products to launching and managing your store. They also include tips on leveraging social media to attract more customers. Mikey’s videos are designed to be entertaining and engaging. He explains how to use TikTok’s features to capture the attention of viewers and promote your product. He recommends using controversial and emotional products to increase engagement on the platform.

In the fourth section of his training videos, Mikey demonstrates what he calls “the most important thing to do when starting a business.” He shows how to find winning products and uses different research methods to locate them. He also explains how to compare products and choose the ones with the highest profit margins.

The Ecom Good Life course also covers how to build a profitable online presence through social media. The program includes a step-by-step guide to taking your store from $0 to ultimately $10,000–$150,000 per month, just like Mikey did. In addition, it teaches you how to get your products in front of millions of potential customers.

Mikey has an immature demeanor that is evident in his YouTube videos, and he has no sense of how his actions could land him in trouble. He boasts about being on the run from the police and having his parents hire private investigators to follow him. He also claims to be one of the youngest dropshippers in the world.

While his claims are impressive, Mikey’s training program has received many negative reviews. Many have labeled him a scammer. There is no evidence that he has achieved the level of success that he claims, and his program is not comprehensive enough to allow you to break even on your investment.

He started his dropshipping business at the age of 17.

Mikey Kass started his dropshipping business at the age of 17 and now has a multimillion-dollar empire. His success is largely due to his use of TikTok and Facebook ads. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his tips and tricks for growing an online business. His videos are highly engaging and a great resource for new entrepreneurs. However, some of his advice is misleading and could lead to disaster if followed.

Kass claims to have made six-figure incomes in a few months. However, these figures are not verified and are most likely fabricated. He is also notorious for claiming to have a secret strategy that makes his Shopify stores profitable. Moreover, he has been accused of plagiarism and promoting unlicensed products.

Despite his claims, many people are skeptical of his claim to be a millionaire. Most of the critics believe that his strategies are not sustainable and that he is a scam. Others have said that he is not an expert in the business and may not be able to teach others how to make money online.

Besides the Facebook and Instagram ads, Mikey also offers a course called Ecom Good Life that promises to teach students how to start a successful e-commerce business. The course consists of a series of video lessons that teach how to find profitable products and promote them on social media. It also includes mindset training to help students overcome the adversity of starting a new business.

However, a lot of critics say that the course is not worth its price tag. The training is not as comprehensive as other courses and is too expensive for the average student. Additionally, it does not cover how to avoid lawsuits or taxes. There are much better courses available for a fraction of the cost, including those produced by experts with proven track records and income proof.

In addition to his e-commerce course, Mikey also promotes a prebuilt Shopify store called “Mikey Kass.” This business is not as successful as it claims and has been accused of being a scam. It is also important to note that Mikey has been arrested on several occasions for fraud and illegal activities.

He has eight Shopify stores.

Mikey Kass has eight pre-built Shopify stores that he claims generate around $7,000 per day. These stores are exact duplicates of his own successful store and are sold for $17 each. However, many people who have bought from these stores have complained that they are scams. They claim that Mikey Cass and his team pressure them to pay exorbitant amounts for his services, including team calls and upsells.

Although he has a lot of followers on YouTube, some of them are suspicious of his claims. They argue that his income proof is fabricated, and they point to the fact that he doesn’t reveal the cost of Facebook ads. These ads can eat up 90% of his profits. This makes it hard to believe that he is truly making six figures a month from his dropshipping business.

The Ecom Good Life is a series of video lessons that teach individuals how to start and manage a successful dropshipping store. It also teaches students how to do product research and market their products. It supposedly offers a step-by-step guide to taking a store from $0 to ultimately $10,000–$150,000 per month.

In addition to the Ecom Good Life course, Mikey Kass has also developed a free course called “Ecom Secrets.” The course provides a step-by-step guide to building a successful dropshipping business. It also includes detailed instructions on how to optimize a site for search engines and increase traffic. The free course is available on his website.

Despite his success, Mikey Kass is still a kid and has a lot to learn. He has a tendency to make controversial statements and is immature in his approach to business. He also has a lot of contradictory information on his YouTube channel. Moreover, his videos show him acting like a rebellious high school dropout. His behavior can be disturbing for parents, especially when they are trying to monitor his online business. In addition, he does not have a solid understanding of finance and business. This is a major problem for someone who is just starting out.

He gives away Shopify stores for $17.

A lot of people have been bombarded by ads by Mikey Kass, a teenager who claims to be one of the youngest drop-shipping e-commerce millionaires. He’s been selling pre-built Shopify stores for $17 each, which are basically copies of his own successful store. He’s also been offering an e-commerce money-making course, The e-Commerce Good Life, which promises to make you rich quickly. However, there are some things you need to know before you buy his pre-built stores or his course.

Mikey Kass has a very unprofessional online presence, and his ads are full of scammy tactics. He’s also using a fake name and claiming to be a millionaire when he isn’t. He’s not the only entrepreneur who does this, but it’s important to be aware of these tactics so you don’t get duped.

While it’s not illegal for Mikey to sell his stores, he’s doing so without any proof of income. This is common among online entrepreneurs who are not yet established. Moreover, it’s hard to believe that Mikey made $653k in four months from a single store. The truth is that it’s not easy to make a million dollars from a dropshipping store. Moreover, most of the money that you make from your store comes from Facebook ads, which can eat up over 90% of your profits.

Besides selling his pre-built stores, Mikey is also advertising his e-commerce money-making course, which is a series of video lessons that teach you how to create a profitable Shopify store. In these videos, he teaches you how to choose the right products for your store and how to apply business models that can help you grow your sales. Mikey also teaches you which research methods to use in order to find winning products.

While he may be a legitimate businessman, it’s important to remember that he is still a teenager. He has a very immature personality and is not very responsible with his finances. He has been using his parents’ names and bank accounts, which can lead to financial and legal liability if something goes wrong. As a result, he has been getting dispute letters and refunds from customers who bought his stores.